Enrollment Fee and Form Download


After payment, download and fill out the PDF form.  Then name the form with your first and last name, example: “john_smith.pdf” then email it as an attachment to: Info@UniversityontheAir.org.

Most web browsers can open PDF forms automatically. Our form has “fillable fields” so you don’t have to print the form out in order to complete it. When you’ve completed the form, use the “save as” feature on the top of the form in the browser to save it as your name (ie. JohnDoe.pdf) to help us keep track. Then send the form off to us Info@UniversityontheAir.org. We will then decide acceptance, assign you a student number and login information, then email you an acceptance letter with your assigned information included. You may purchase the curriculum of your choice from our online bookstore if you wish. However please also note that you will not get credit for assignments or reading etc. until you have recieved the acceptance letter and student number.


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